Does Bill Self wear a toupee?

Bill Self wear

Bill Self is one of the most famous coaches in college basketball, but there’s a rumor that he wears a wig. People think this because he has bald patches on his head and sometimes wears baseball caps.

Bill Self is balding.

Bill Self is balding. He has a full head of hair right now, but it’s thinning on top and receding in the front, where his hairline hits his forehead at a 45-degree angle. 

He also has some light spots on the side of his head where he probably used to have more hair than he does now. His haircut style is a classic comb-over that hides the most apparent signs of baldness.

The rumor on the

There’s a rumor on the message board that Bill Self wears a toupee. It may sound far-fetched, but evidence suggests it could be true.

Bill Self is balding and has been since he was young. He’s 52 years old, so it makes sense that his hair would be thinning. There are plenty of photos of Bill Self with very little hair on the front and sides of his head.

People usually have difficulty accepting their baldness when they look in the mirror each morning; imagine how much worse it would be if you were one of America’s most famous college basketball coaches.

He might’ve worn a wig in the past.

Although Bill Self is bald as a baby, there’s no denying that he’s been wearing wigs for quite some time. He started with a wig while playing basketball at Kansas University in the 1980s. 

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When he started coaching at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1990s, he still wore his wig. Then when he became head coach at Kansas again in 2003, his hair continued to grow outwards from his head.

Nowadays, Bill Self wears a toupee every day and can be seen on television sporting various hairstyles that range from comprehensively waved to slightly tufted around the ears, like most men who are full-grown adults but not quite ready to let go of their youth yet.

The speculation.

The fact is, you probably won’t know if Bill Self wears a toupee. It’s a secret he may take to his grave or one he has never even considered disclosing. Most of us are content not knowing the answer to this question.

Most people think it’s fun to speculate whether Bill Self wears a wig and will keep doing so as long as there’s something worth speculating about concerning his physical appearance.

Does he wear a toupee?

In this case, you probably use the word “toupee” to describe a wig that someone wears to make them look like they have hair. This isn’t the only way to define a toupee; it could also mean that he has hair on his head but wears a wig covering some of it.

Some people believe Bill Self wears a toupee because he wants to seem more powerful than he is: maybe he shaved his head as part of some ritual or ceremony? Perhaps he thinks baldness makes him look weak? But others disagree with these ideas. 

Instead, they think Bill Self doesn’t want anyone to know how old he is—his baldness is just an illusion.

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You might not know this, but Kansas head basketball coach Bill Self is balding. It’s a fact that he’s been open about in the past, and it’s likely one of the reasons why he wears his hair so short. But does that mean that Bill Self wears a wig?

The answer to this question will probably never be known for sure. However, there is evidence to support both sides of the argument. On the one hand, there are rumors on message boards that say Bill Self wears wigs while coaching games. 

On the other hand, he has said in interviews that he has Grandpa Self’s hair—and Grandpa was completely bald. So maybe we’ll never know if Coach Self likes how he looks with a shaved head or if he wants to cover up what’s underneath.

While coaching UPenn.

While coaching UPenn, he says he wore a toupee but never had when it was attached to his scalp. His hair has been an essential part of what makes him unique and recognizable as a coach. 

So, it’s fun to speculate whether Bill Self wears a wig now that his hair has thinned out over time. The truth probably won’t be known unless someone took pictures of him without his toupee while coaching at KU or later in life.

So when did he start wearing a toupee on his head?

Since I’ve known him, he’s had a hairpiece. He got it after he was in Kansas for about two years. Before that, I don’t think he had one.

What does Bill Self’s hair look like without the toupee? It’s hard to say because most of the time, you only see him with it on TV or in photos where you can tell that it’s not real but still looks pretty good.

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Some say Bill Self wears a toupee because he wants to seem powerful and more robust than he is. Students at the University of Kansas had told us they believe this because they’ve seen him wear it before and noticed how it’s always slightly off-center.

Some people also think Bill Self wore a toupee because he was balding in his younger days, so he felt it would improve his appearance if he wore a wig instead of having natural hair on his head. 

But other people say that’s not true because Bill Self has been balding since high school when he started losing hair due to stress from playing basketball all the time.”

Hair loss may be genetic and tied to blood pressure

As you get older, it’s natural for your hair to thin gradually, but it can also be caused by genetics and other factors. If your hair loss is due to genetics, there’s no way to prevent it from happening—you’ll have to accept that you’ll have less hair than other people.

However, we know that genes don’t directly impact how much or where your hair falls out on your head. 

So if you’re losing more than average amounts of hair in one spot, it probably has nothing to do with your gene profile; more likely culprits include stress, diet and lifestyle choices, medications, and health conditions such as thyroid disorders or alopecia areata.

Some experts think Self may be wearing a hairpiece.

Some people think he’s balding and has worn a toupee in the past. There’s even a rumor on the message board that Bill Self wears a toupee. 

He might have worn one in college at Oral Roberts University while playing football at Oklahoma State University or coaching high school basketball in Oklahoma City before becoming the head coach at Kentucky Wesleyan College.


It’s fun to speculate whether Bill Self wears a wig. Still, it’s doubtful we’ll ever know the truth unless somebody gets their hands on his hairpiece and examines it under magnification.

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