Restaurant Design: From Floor to Menu

Designing a restaurant takes a lot of effort. You might need a lot of helping hands to create your restaurant’s interior and curate your interactive menu.

For most restaurateurs, operating a restaurant is a challenging thing to do. It takes strategic planning to create an eye-pleasing restaurant with aesthetic interiors and an engaging menu design that will surely make customers place their orders.

Restaurant interior and menu design is the key to attracting customers, especially if you employ a QR code menu software and hire the right professionals for the job. 

Restaurant Interior Design Tips

The restaurant’s interior design should showcase the theme and concept of your business. It should also present the same idea in your interactive menu QR code and online ordering page.

1.Make a layout plan

The layout plan of your restaurant should give you an idea about the location, size, setup of your equipment, and the placing your facilities. 

For instance, you can create a layout plan that allows you to maximize your space and give natural light inside your restaurant for more ambiance. Hence, you can push back the placement of your kitchen and comfort rooms on the same side so that the remaining space will be your lounge and dining area for customers.

Creating this layout will give you a big establishment for customers and staff to roam freely around and have a comfortable dining experience, especially with a menu QR code and online ordering page.

2. Develop an engaging entrance

While doing the layout plan, you can also think about the entrance of your restaurant. You should have an opening that will surely attract customers to dine inside your establishment.

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The entrance of your restaurant must have a unique, classy, and engaging vibe that will make your target customers dine inside. Just ensure that the entry matches the concept and theme of your restaurant.

3. Focus on the restaurant concept and theme

Design a restaurant interior that focuses on your concept and theme. This will make everything inside your restaurant consistent with its style and branding. 

Use aesthetic lighting to make your customers’ dining experience more majestic and romantic. Set the mood with some jazz, chill, or even bossa nova music that blasts in your restaurant stereo.

Make sure to use the right furniture inside your restaurant that will heed the demands of your target customers. 

Aside from that, also consider the flooring of your restaurant that will withstand foot traffic and food spillage. Hence, the flooring must have a non-slippery textile, durable for hectic working hours, be budget-friendly, and be easy to clean.

Planning should go into designing the interior of a restaurant. The kitchen area needs to be large enough to accommodate the hectic workloads of the chef and the employees. Your restaurant layout plan should also offer restrooms for the intended customers to feel comfortable during breaks. Lastly, the restaurant theme should appeal to the demographics of your clientele.

Restaurant menu design tips

Your restaurant can create a user-friendly, profitable, and appealing digital menu ordering website using marketing psychology. Your restaurant needs to think about how to show its digital menu to customers.

1. Categorize menu items

Make it easy for your target customers to look for the meals and beverages they want to order with the menu categories in your interactive menu QR code.

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The best thing about QR code menu software is that it allows you to make menu categories for your online ordering page and interactive menu QR code. This will make the decision-making of your customers easy and quick.

Hence, you can arrange the menu items by groups, starting with the appetizers, starters, snacks, entrée, beverages, desserts, and others.

2. Use attractive food images

With the QR code menu software, you can easily integrate food images into your interactive menu and online ordering page. 

The photos in your interactive menu will efficiently make your customers’ decision-making process since they can see what they are reading.

3. Craft flavorful menu items and descriptions

Incorporate engaging menu items with distinctive descriptions to set your customers’ appetites. Make them imagine the food just by reading the menu with the illustrations in place. Use sensory adjectives to entice their cravings.

Aside from these three tips, you should consider the menu design by using complementary colors and readable fonts in your interactive menu. Make sure to highlight your restaurant’s theme and concept with the emblems and logos integrated into your interactive menu.

Final thoughts

Always consider the preferences of your target customers when creating your restaurant. Make sure that your business’s theme and concept also coincide with your restaurant’s demographics. 

Hence, the restaurant’s interior design and menu must match your business’s location, size, and vibe.

Coherent restaurant interior and menu design will help you engage your target audience and increase sales.


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