The Top 5 Best Things About Apple Music For Windows

Apple Music is an excellent choice if you are looking for a way to listen to music on your Windows PC. The interface is user-friendly, it has a great user experience, and it is cheaper than Spotify. Apple Music for Windows has the following five advantages.


There is no doubt that Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming services available today, and for good reason. The application offers a large collection of songs, an awesome user interface, and an awesome feature set. How about users of Windows operating systems? 

Is Apple Music equally beneficial to them? The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the five greatest things about Apple Music for Windows. Apple Music for Windows offers a number of appealing features, including an easy-to-use interface and excellent sound quality. Find out more by reading on!

What is Apple Music?

There are over 50 million songs available on Apple Music, a streaming music service. The app can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and Android device. A subscription to Apple Music provides access to the entire catalog of music available through the Apple Music service. The songs and albums can also be downloaded to your device so that you can listen to them offline.

How to Use Apple Music on Windows?

The following instructions assume that you have already installed Apple Music on your Windows computer:

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Step: 1

You can create an Apple ID at if you do not yet have one. Just open the app and sign in using your Apple ID.

Step: 2

You will be able to view personalized recommendations based on your taste in music as soon as you are signed in by clicking on “For You” at the top of the window. If you wish to discover new music, please click on “Browse” and then click on one of the categories, such as genre, artist, or album.

Step: 3

You can listen to any song or album by clicking on it and then clicking the play button. The plus sign next to a song or album will allow you to add it to your library.

Step: 4

You can download songs or albums for offline listening by clicking on the ellipsis (…) next to the item and then selecting “Make Available Offline.”

 The Top 5 Best Things About Apple Music For Windows

The Apple Music streaming service is a great choice for Windows users. The following are five of its best features:

  1. There are over 50 million tracks available to stream on Apple Music, making it one of the largest music libraries on the internet. You are therefore assured of finding any song you desire, regardless of how obscure or niche it may be.
  2. There is a very good quality to the streams, with a bit rate of 256 kbps. It means that you will be able to enjoy your music without having to worry about poor audio quality.
  3. The Beats 1 radio station and Connect social tools are exclusive to Apple Music, which is not available on other music streaming services.
  4. Apple Music is available for free for three months before you decide to commit to a paid subscription. You can use this opportunity to evaluate the service and determine whether it is suitable for your needs.
  5. Apple Music’s Family Sharing feature allows you to share your subscription with up to six family members for no additional charge if you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Family members who wish to use the service together will find it very affordable because of this.
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Pros of Apple Music for Windows

  1. The Apple Music service is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, making it a great choice for those who utilize both types of computers.
  2. A free three-month trial is offered by the service, so you can get a feel for the service before going ahead with a paid subscription.
  3. Music is available on Apple Music in an extensive catalog, including a number of exclusive tracks that are not available elsewhere.
  4. Streaming audio is high-quality, so you do not have to worry about interruptions or skips while listening to your music.
  5. A great way to discover new music is by creating your own custom radio stations on Apple Music.


It is our opinion that Apple Music for Windows is an excellent streaming music service if you are interested in a streaming music service. The app is easy to use, contains a large selection of songs, and integrates well with other Apple products. Plus, the family plan offers a great value if you have several people in your household who would like to use the service. We have also written about the best streaming music services for Windows if you are not sold on Apple Music.

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