Top Reasons You Should Become A Full-Stack Developer

Top Reasons You Should Become A Full-Stack Developer

Being a full-stack developer means you are demanded by many companies. It is one of the leading and most demanded jobs in the IT industry and so most companies prefer hiring a full-stack developer. They look for people who can take care of both: the frontend and backend web development needs.

The expertise of full-stack developers in the necessary domain and their rich skill set are what make the profession an attractive one. A full-stack developer knows everything ranging from UI/UX, product testing, database, and everything in between.In short, he has a very important role in web development and is like a jack of all trades.

What is full stack development?

Full stack development refers to the development of both the front end and back end of a web application or website.A full stack is made up of a front that deals with the user interface and backend that deals with data validation and a database that acts as storage. Full stack refers to a collection of multiple components in a software application that works together and sees that it functions smoothly – this includes software products, patches, coding frameworks, servers, operating systems, database tools, and more.

All these components come together to process calculations, facilitate user interaction and generate backend functions.

Every full-stack uses different tools, frameworks, and technologies. To acquire full stack development skills, knowledge about backend and frontend language tools and frameworks is essential. This will help you in creating your application from start to finish.


What does a full-stack developer do?

A full-stack developer’s job is to design, develop and build dynamic data-driven websites and applications using technologies, techniques, and workflows that serve both the end user and the backend infrastructure.

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The word “stack” means the amalgamation of technologies and products that form a technical ecosystem and backbone which is needed for building a product and its operations.

A stack is made up of a database such as MongoDB, MySQL, and others, an application framework such as Express, Rails, or Laravel, a platform or runtime such as Node.js, PHP, or Ruby, and a client-side web application framework such as React, Angular or Vue.

Full-stack developers handle all the frontend and backend functions, including servers, databases, and clients. A full-stack developer must be able to handle all the components of a stack to ensure that they work together efficiently. If a person wishes to acquire these skills, then he can take up a full-stack developer program.


Is a career in full-stack development worth it?

Full stack development is not only managing and learning about the frontend and backend technology but also understanding two areas in detail and making communication between them easy and smooth. If you are someone who is questioning whether they should enter this field or not then look at the following advantages of being a full-stack developer –

  • High Demand

As mentioned above, full-stack developers are in high demand by all companies and it is one of those professions which is highly searched on websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and UpGrad. The number of jobs forecasted for this profession is in millions across the globe.

Not only is it highly demanded in India but in developed nations like America, Canada, and Australia too, if you wish to shift abroad.

  • Highest Paid Job
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Full stack developer is one of the highest-paid professions in the world due to the impact it has on business and marketing. This helps the organization in distinguishing itself and catalyze its revenue growth.

The average salary of an entry-level full stack developer is $58040 annually in the US whereas for mid-level developers it is $97500 annually. And for the experienced ones, a whopping sum of $116504 is paid.

The salary is high due to the full-stack developer’s ability to work with any aspect of software development, starting from back-end programming to front-end design. They can both create and maintain websites and applications. They have experience with server administration and infrastructure and they can manage everything from data storage to user authentication.

The remuneration also depends on the core skills and the additional skills of the developer.

  • Easy To Learn

Full stack developer programs along with full stack training is easy to learn and acquire as a skill, especially with online learning. For the program, all you need to know is the fundamentals of all of the components. Good practical knowledge about development is enough to attract a company to offer you the job.

  • Greater Productivity

Full-stack developers work on both the client’s side as well as the server side of the application. So, the developer has more control over the application or the product than anyone else and he can be as creative as he wants to be. The ability of the full-stack developer to see a bigger and broader picture enables him to make decisions faster, giving them an edge over other types of developers.

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The broad range of skills coupled with good judgment skills increases the overall productivity of full-stack developers. It empowers them to be self-reliant and helps in the development of the company in a better and faster way.

  • Versatile

A full-stack developer is a solution for all companies. The responsibility of handling different stages of the project right from initiating the project, basic level of development, key project contributions both on the front-end and back-end, as well as managing the UI/UX as per client feedback all lies with the full-stack developer.

This gives them responsibility, and dependability of the project and makes them accountable for the credit for the success of the project,

Full-stack developers have a wide spectrum of skills and can step anywhere across the development field. In tech companies, full-stack developers are highly and deeply appreciated for their versatility across the stack.

Learning full-stack development helps you in becoming a master of skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, back-end languages (Python, PHP, Ruby), database storage, HTTP, REST, and NPM.

Wrapping Up

This profession is growing higher and its demand has exceeded the supply. Anyone who gets into this profession will earn a good amount of money along with development.



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