8 Pieces of Advice for Getting Into the Music Industry

Many people dream of making it big by performing their own music. However, there is a lot to consider before working on song creation and music distribution. Getting a foothold in the music industry may seem impossible, but don’t get discouraged! By following these eight tips, you’ll be ready to make your mark and develop a sustainable artistic career

#1. Defining a Goal

While envisioning yourself as a hit singer may make help your motivation, it’s better to have a specific idea of where you want to go. Success means different things to different people, and making something with your art may be a reward in itself. Some potential stars see signing with a big record label as their overarching mission, while other artists feel that using their music to live comfortably makes them a success in their own minds.

#2. Getting Heard

No musician can make it in the industry if no one can hear their work! One of the key factors in getting noticed is how easily people can access your art. It can be difficult to get songs on platforms such as Spotify, but with the right music distribution guidance, your songs will be available all around the world. Once you get a tune or two out there, it becomes much easier to develop an audience as well!

#3. Seek Out Relationships

It may make sense to let your music speak for you, but an artist’s personality can be just as important as their art. It’s essential to make connections in the music industry if you want forward movement in your career. Radio star Angela Yee found the value of internships as they helped her to meet important movers and shakers in the business. Getting to know eventual peers in the industry may pay huge dividends, especially to those with burgeoning careers.

#4. Crafting a Skillset

The music industry is full of opportunities for those who know where to look. It’s important that developing artists work to improve their skills, no matter what they might be in. The beginning of your career is a great time to experiment and check out a plethora of jobs, such as:


  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Production
  • Tour/Band Management
  • Composer/Songwriter
  • Singer
  • Publicist
  • Music Distribution


You might discover that your real drive isn’t performing at all, but that you prefer to work behind the scenes writing and composing the next big hit. With so many options in the industry, you should eventually find the kind of career that lets you discover your true passion.

#5. The Music School Route

Most people would agree that advanced degrees will help you find success in any career, but that isn’t always the case. Not everyone should turn to music school, but it does provide some advantages depending on your goals. It may help you bring out hidden talents, but music school isn’t the gateway into the Pop-Star lifestyle. What higher education does do is offer you opportunities to network yourself. You may find the key connection that puts your art in the limelight!

#6. Support Yourself

Very few musicians begin making a sustainable income right from the start. Nurturing your music career takes time, and you need to make sure you are able to provide for yourself while practicing and networking. Practicing all day may be beneficial, but it won’t put food on the table. Make sure you have some income that will let you explore your dreams or they’ll continue to stay just out of reach.

#7. Collaborations

With so many stars in the industry such as Taylor Swift and The Weekend making it big, many people think that a solo act is the best way to succeed. On the contrary, from song inception to music distribution, almost every namable artist will tell you that making music is a collaborative effort. Find fellow artists that share in your passion so your collaborations will feel more like teamwork than pulling teeth.

#8. Developing Determination

Having talent is great, but it can only take you so far. For some burgeoning artists, there will be a number of pitfalls on the road to success. The important thing is to become resilient to these setbacks and look at each failure as a learning experience. When things get tough, you’ll begin to realize if this career path is really for you!


It’s not easy to succeed in any entertainment industry, and the music scene has its own peculiarities that will keep some people from progressing in their craft. Stay true to your passion by networking and collaborating with others who share in your goals. Don’t just focus on songwriting and music distribution, but explore the entire industry so you can better understand how your artistry can make an impact on one of the most influential mediums in history!

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