Cute Curly Hairstyles For Men

Most men with naturally curly hair know how troubling it can get when styling them. Maintaining curly hair can be a real hustle, not to mention the trouble of establishing curly hairstyles for men that can actually work for you. You should not completely close up on the option of exploring the different options of styles by shaving your head clean.

You can consult your hair stylist to advise you on the best hairstyle, depending on your face shape. You can also find out by yourself by exploring the different options until you finally come across the style you like. The following are some inspirations on curly hairstyles for men that you can check out.

  • The Curly Caesar

This is a classic and timeless style for your curly hair type. The cute short curly bangs that fall perfectly on the forehead define the style. In most cases, the hair in this hairstyle is cut in a uniform length throughout the head.

The hair is not left too long or too short, which makes it stylish and easier to maintain. You can style the curly Caesar in so many ways depending on your mood for the day. You can have the hair super messy or do a cute alignment of the curls for a less dramatic look and feel.

Curly hair may need some special handling, and for the best results of this hairstyle, you may have to work with a hairdresser that specializes in curly hairstyles for men.

  • Super Tight Curls

This is the best option if you want to really show off your curls. For most men with naturally curly hair, curls are smaller and tighter than for women with curly hair. 

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If this is the case, you may not even need to get a defined haircut. Use your favorite hair products to keep the curls in place, and trim your hair once in a while to maintain the wanted length. 

The hairstyle does not require a lot of work in styling as the hair follows its natural pattern of growth. Avoid heavy combing that may interfere with the curls; instead, run your fingers through the hair to get rid of any tangles.

  • Curly Tapered Fade

Curly hairstyles for men also allow you to create highlights with the fade of choice. The important aspect is to feature the curly hair at the top.

A tapered fade, for instance, helps create a contrast that makes your curly hairstyle stand out even better. Having full curls throughout the head may not appear as masculine as most men would want. Getting a fade helps define your curls and features the masculine aspect.

A fade also entails shaving the sides way shorter than the hair on the top. This means that you get to reduce the amount of hair on your head that you have to deal with hence easy maintenance. The fade also helps get people to focus on your facial features and not only on the curls.

  • Short Curly Afro

Cutting the hair short all-round the head may help make maintaining short hair easier. The definitive feature of this hairstyle is the even length of hair. It is just the classic afro, only that, in this case, it’s done on curly hair.

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The afro is cut to a short, manageable length, making your procedure of getting ready in the morning easier.

  • Swept Side Curly Hair

The hair is left long at the top for this hairstyle. To reveal the hairstyle, the sides are cut super short on the area near the ears with a sharp highlight on the length difference.

Most curly hairstyles for men major on revealing the curls but at the same time focus on maintaining the masculinity vibe of the hairstyle. This is why the sharp undercut is featured in this specific hairstyle.

  • Slicked Back Curly

The definitive feature is that the curls are directed toward the back. This can be done using gel and a simple sweep with fingers directing all the hair towards the back. The hair length for this hairstyle should be medium.

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