Tips to be Consistent in Indoor Running

Indoor Running

If you have been running on your treadmill for a while, you must definitely know how beneficial it is. You get a good work-out, complete with cardio and it is one of the easiest ways to get fit too. In recent times however, Indoor running has gotten a bit more interesting with the Vingo app. This virtual reality app brings the outdoors before your eyes and makes your treadmill time more interesting. Also, it has quite a lot of features that can help you improve your running too. Here are some of them.

Fix a Running Goal for Yourself

The first thing you need to do is set a goal to be achieved in the foreseeable future. It could be reducing your weight by 10 kgs in the next three months, or it could be toning your body evenly. These goals can help you focus on your running better. It becomes easier for you to improve yourself with the goal to achieve. Otherwise, you will be running aimlessly without seeing any results.

Get the Vingo App & Connect with Your Treadmill

Next, install the Vingo app on your smart device. It could be your iPhone, your iPad or even your smart TV. You can download the app from the App Store and then connect it with your treadmill via Bluetooth. Once paired the app will automatically monitor your running speed, your resistance settings, etc., from the treadmill. The app uses this information to project your virtual sceneries on the screen before you.

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Find a Companion to Work out in the Virtual World

You can use the app to go running alone, or you can invite your partner or your friends to join you. With a good partner, your workout will be better and each of you can push the other to perform better. With a good companion, you won’t have to worry about slacking and think about quitting anytime. Through the app, you can both go for long Online running trips in the virtual world and explore different places in there.

Schedule Your Workouts

To see better results you can schedule your running time to a particular time of the day. Either morning, or evening a specific hour at which you will log into the app and get going. People who workout with a proper schedule have shown incredible results in a short time.

Raise the Stakes & Place a Public Bet

You can even push harder by taking part in competitions within the Online running app. You can join communities and bet people against racing you. Or you can publicly claim that you will be consistent in your running for a fixed number of days. With the urge to win & public support, you will surely push yourself harder every time you race.

Get Up, Setup & Start Working Out

Now that you know how it is done, it is up to you to begin. You can go for running trips, or even use Vingo with an indoor bike and go cycling for a change. Either way, you’re getting fit.

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