Why we need virtual numbers for receiving SMS

SMS messages are a popular tool for identifying users online. They are used to registering (confirm) accounts on various platforms, such as social networks, messengers, email services and many others. Other services – cab services, delivery services, dating sites and others.

Of course, this raises the question – why can’t you just use your personal phone number to register your accounts? Why pay money to receive SMS when you can do it for free?

There are 3 main reasons why it’s better not to use a personal phone for such purposes:

  1. Privacy. Using your phone number when registering on the Internet is a serious risk to your security, especially when it comes to little-known resources. At best, you’ll get annoying advertising mailings, and at worst your number can end up in the hands of ill-wishers. Virtual phone numbers allow you to keep your personal number a secret and protect yourself from invasion of privacy.
  2. Creating several accounts. People usually have no more than two SIM cards, so they are limited in the number of accounts they can register (Typically, 1 phone number allows you to register only 1 account). Virtual phone numbers can help you solve this problem – you can register as many accounts as you need.
  3. Registration from different countries. Some services (for example, those usually related to payments and cryptocurrency) prohibit account registration for residents from several countries. If you’re a resident of such a country, and you don’t have a foreign phone number, services for receiving SMS to virtual numbers will allow you to create an account from anywhere – even from the countries where you’ve never been.
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Now let’s talk about those users who may need this service. This type of mobile number for text can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Restoring a blocked account. If you’ve been banned from any resource (site, social networks or any other), a virtual number will allow you to quickly create a new account and bypass the blockage. This is very convenient, especially when registration on a blocked resource is only possible with a phone number.
  • Promotion of profiles in social networks and accrual of activity. With virtual phone numbers you can create thousands of bots and then use special programs to accrue likes, reposts and comments on accounts. Thus, you can create the visibility of activity on the page and thereby help its promotion.
  • Publication of ads. Most international ad boards like Craigslist allow you to post only one ad for free. To get around this, you can use a virtual phone number service to bypass the paid publication of your ad. You can simply create multiple accounts to create multiple ads at once. It will be much more profitable to register multiple accounts than to pay for each new publication.
  • Getting bonuses and discounts. Many organizations make the most favorable conditions just for new users. For example, various services can make free shipping for newly registered users and the like. Virtual mobile numbers can help you to take advantage of such a promotion many times by registering a new account each time.

There are dozens of scenarios for using SMS services, and they are only limited by your goals and imagination.

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The process of using a virtual number service for receiving SMS

The general principle of the platforms that provide virtual numbers for receiving SMS is almost everywhere the same. Therefore, to make it a little easier for you to understand, we provide a universal instruction:

  1. Go through registration (Usually you only need an email address, but most services also have a quick login using social networks);
  2. Choose an appropriate phone number (country, mobile operator and service from which you want to accept the code), then pay for it;
  3. Use the phone number you received during the registration on the necessary resource and wait for the confirmation code to be sent;
  4. Then in your personal cabinet on the service website you will be able to get SMS with confirmation code and use it to complete your account registration.
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