What Are The Top Moissanite Jewelry Trends For 2023?

Couples nowadays choose Moissanite jewelry over diamond rings since it is more sparkling and significantly less expensive. Today, these are made in laboratories and remodeled after the stardust found in meteorites. In addition to having more glitter than diamonds, moissanite rings are available at MoissaniteCo.com in all the colors, patterns, and designs that brides want. We’ll look at the top engagement ring trends for 2023 in this post and supply you with assistance in selecting the ideal piece to represent your devotion and love.


Solitaire Engagement Bands:

When American jewelers made solitaire engagement rings synonymous with the Gilded Age wedding style in 1886, they created a phenomenon. With more than 50,000 individuals every month Googling the keyword “solitaire ring,” they continue to dominate the engagement ring market more than 135 years later.

Their simplicity and grace are one reason they continue to be so fashionable. A single spectacular diamond or gemstone is the center of attention on solitaire engagement rings. Most solitaire rings include discreet details that add a classy touch without overpowering the stone, although this fundamental design places all attention on the stone.

Colorful Gemstone Wedding Bands:

The ideal wedding band for you gets hidden underneath every engagement ring. Wedding bands will increasingly use precious jewels in 2023, adding a pop of color. The bands are classic but made interesting with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. In addition to adding a splash of color, gemstone wedding bands can have deep symbolic value. As an illustration, rubies denote love while sapphires stand for faithfulness. 

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Three-Stone Ring Fashion:

Love, happiness, and, well, glitter and stones are all that gets required for the big day. Yes, we are referring to three-stone engagement rings, which, as you may have seen, have recently become more fashionable. 

They get designed to appeal to couples who want to eschew traditional solitaire but want something with a lot of symbolic meaning.

Three exquisite Moissanite stones from MoissaniteCo.com get used to embellish the design. Modern couples firmly believe their engagement ring should reflect their love story, which is why a trilogy engagement ring lives. The three stones provide insight into the couple’s past, present, and potential future.

As a result, you might rely on it to hint at the possibility of spending a lifetime together to define your shared adventure.

Elongated Center Stones:

Pear, marquise, and emerald cut center stones offer a contemporary spin on the traditional round diamond engagement ring. These finely crafted stones thin the finger, giving it a longer, more ethereal appearance. Individuals seek an engagement ring that is both fashionable and attractive, as it is very alluring.

It’s particularly thrilling that elongated center stones sparkle (pun intended) in various settings, from solitaire and bezel to pave and concealed halo. They may get used in three-stone or side-stone settings with other stones, and that’s only the beginning!

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

The contemporary oval-cut diamond created its debut in the 1950s and has since adorned engagement rings. Your boyfriend will likely be unable to resist one, just like Hailey Bieber and Blake Lively couldn’t. Oval-cut diamonds sparkle and shine more brilliantly because they have more facets than other diamond shapes. 

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In essence, you receive a larger-looking stone without paying for a greater carat weight because it’s elongated, making them appear larger. They look fantastic in various engagement ring settings, from straightforward solitaires to more complex styles with side stones or pave diamonds. 

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring:

Bezel-set diamond engagement rings are among the top trends in yellow-gold engagement rings. Yellow gold is making a significant comeback this year and is bold and striking. Yellow gold is making a comeback in the 2023 trends, whether in the form of a solitaire ring or an opulent pave band, bringing back a sophisticated and timeless style that has got adored for years.

Bezel Set:

All the elements that make a bezel-setting engagement ring stylish get present in these elegant and contemporary pieces. If you are a first-time buyer, a bezel-set band offers a unique design. It supports the center stone with a metal frame and powerful prongs. 

Bezel-set rings are contemporary, simple, and appropriate for Instagram feeds. In addition, the metal ring protects the rock while touching its edges. A bezel setting that partially encircles the diamond is an option.

Pear and marquise shapes make lovely rings with bezel settings that preserve the edges and radiate color. The 2023 lifestyle is ideal for a bezel setting because it is renowned for its protective features.

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