Three apps to use when traveling abroad

Manual planning of a trip is a thing of the past as the advent of smartphones has made traveling more easier.When you visit new countries for business or on a holiday,you can bank on mobile applications to provide you a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Travel apps are an inspirational source as they come in extremely handy for making bookings,taking care of logistics,make restaurant reservations or find a good spa for you wherever in the world you are headed for next.In other words,there is no need to visit a travel agent as all the information is available in the palm of your hand.

Thanks to technology,whatever you need when you go to any country,there is an app to make your trip easier. The three apps discussed below will not only help you save a lot of money but will help you make informed decisions,before you leave home and on the trip as well.


A smartphone or a laptop forms an integral part of our travel packing list these days and comes in useful to access wifi at the airport,hotel or any other public place. The question is about security and how to protect yourself from hackers when you travel to a new destination abroad?

VeePN is a reliable VPN provider based in Panama,that supports a large number of platforms and comes with many interesting features like the multihop facility which allows the user to connect with a chain of VPN servers.

The user interface of veePn is excellent and it offers solid security, including double VPN and malware blockers and the speed in general is decent.

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Safety is the number one reason why people use VPNs as they offer online anonymity and security which allow you to browse without fear of third parties collecting data about your online activities.

To ensure this veePN providers offer top class encryption and VPN protocols and an unequivocal no-logging policy. All you need to obtain a veePN account is to submit a username password and a working email address.


What makes CozyCozy so unique is that not only it is the largest hotel and rental search comparison site on the internet,it uses its expertise to save you time and money till you have found the accommodation of your choice as well.

Pouring over scores of sites on the net looking for accommodation can at times be a demanding and at times a frustrating task.In addition,the moment you click ‘pay’ the price suddenly shoots 

This is where CozyCozy makes its presence felt by ensuring that this never happens by helping you get the right staying option,at the best possible price from millions of options worldwide in just a single click.

Moreover,you find any nasty hidden costs or tax inclusions as the price quoted by CozyCozy never changes once you have made a booking and wish to pay.

CozyCozy also displays a comparison chart which shows the price offered by other providers to enable you to be sure that the deal offered is the best.

The app is a must if you are traveling abroad as it provides solutions in one search, whether it is for apartments, hotels,youth hostels,lodges,boats,tree houses,cottages and even a house exchange and more.

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Additionally,over 90% of the accommodation listed on CozyCozy have a filter where you can check for bookings with full refund offers. That said,the refund policies depend on their partners, depending on the accommodation you have chosen and the deadline to make the cancellation and the amount refunded.


If you travel abroad frequently, LoungeBuddy is an extremely useful app to download. Basically this application is a platform for allowing access to airport lounges,anywhere in the world, regardless of your elite status, whether you are a member or not,or class of service.

The LoungeBuddy app and website has images of lounges, customer reviews and other lounge details and view lounges at the airport you are traveling to know if you have access to.

If you have complimentary access to a lounge based on your credit card,your lounge membership or ticket class,you just need to download the free LoungeBuddy app to find out if you can access them.

Once you confirm with LoungeBuddy,your entry is guaranteed as soon as you arrive at the destination lounge. All you need to do is present your ticket,onward boarding pass and the lounge confirmation email on your mobile phone.

LoungeBuddy has added an element of comfort to the entire airport experience by ensuring the traveler to book premium airport lounges worldwide, something which was a monopoly for elite travelers in the past. With LoungeBuddy,you can get instant access to the last bastion of comfort and tranquillity after hours of stressful travel.

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