Benefits of using google sheets for ecommerce

Google Sheets is one of the most popular online spreadsheet apps. Spreadsheets offer many benefits to businesses. They allow you to accurately store, manage, and retrieve data. If you run or work for a company, especially in the ecommerce industry, you can hardly say you’ve never used a spreadsheet before.

This article will explain the benefits ecommerce companies get by using Google Sheets. They include:

1. It is free to use

Ecommerce businesses don’t need to pay any dime to use Google Sheets. It is freely available to anyone with a Google account. If your business has subscribed to the Google Workspace suite, you’ll get an advanced version of the app supporting over 400 spreadsheet functions and many keyboard shortcuts.

2. It requires minimal training to understand

Spreadsheets aren’t complex software tools. They require little to no training to use. Any layman familiar with a computer can easily use the Sheets app. Of course, mastering the functions and shortcuts requires time and effort, but it’s very easy to understand the basics.

3. Customizability

Google’s spreadsheets are very customizable. You can choose between different types of templates to edit and create your own sheet, e.g., a template to track inventory. The Sheets app has many functions and formulas, allowing you to customize your document to a great deal. You’ll likely enjoy its customizability and versatility.

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4. Collaboration

A great thing about Google’s spreadsheet app is its collaborative support. Multiple people can work together on the same sheet to achieve a common goal. Users can leave comments and suggestions and edit what other users have done. The owner of a document can control what other users can do: view, comment, or edit.

It’s even more fun to collaborate with the Sheets app if your company is already subscribed to Google Workspace. You can tag your colleagues inside spreadsheets, and they’ll immediately get notifications on their work emails. They can view your document and leave suggestions or edits to improve it. 

5. Automation

You can automate a significant part of your ecommerce operations with this spreadsheet app. Examples of such automation include:

Managing inventory catalog and SKUs

You can automatically update inventory when a customer orders or returns an item. The spreadsheet will be connected to your ecommerce website’s backend, and it’ll automatically detect when a customer orders a specific item and minuses the order from the sheet. This way, you don’t have to manually update the inventory each time you ship an item. This automation saves a lot of effort you can put to use elsewhere.

Managing unfulfilled orders

You can automatically keep track of all your unfulfilled orders via the app. You’ll connect it to your ecommerce platform’s backend, and, at specified intervals, it’ll automatically import all unfulfilled orders into a spreadsheet. This automation ensures you never leave an order unfulfilled and make a customer angry.

Tracking customer emails

You can use spreadsheets to store and monitor customers’ email addresses. When a customer signs up for your newsletter, their email address will be automatically added to the specific spreadsheet. Similarly, if they unsubscribe from your newsletter, their email address will be automatically removed from the sheet.

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6. Website building

Google Sheets also functions as an ecommerce website builder. Many tools allow you to create ecommerce websites from spreadsheets. You’ll manage all the data on the spreadsheet, e.g., item, description, price, inventory, etc., and it’ll automatically reflect on your website. You can save a lot of time and effort this way.

Final Words

We have explained the main benefits of using Google Sheets for ecommerce companies. If you run an ecommerce business, you can adopt this spreadsheet app and enjoy the aforementioned advantages.

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