The Spiritual Importance of Number 3

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In many writing systems, the number three has three lines. Roman numerals and Chinese characters both use three lines to represent the number. In Brahmic numerical notation, the number 3 was represented by three vertical lines. Nagari script added a curve to each line and ended it with a downward stroke. Cursive script connected these three strokes to form a glyph. The number 3 has deep spiritual significance. In the Bible, 3 refers to the creation of man.

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People born under this number often experience spiritual experiences. It is the smallest odd prime number and the only one to come before a square number. As a result, people born under this number tend to have a strong connection to biblical themes and symbols. The Bible contains many references to 3 and the number is present 287 times! So, if you’re born under this number, you should surround yourself with positive people and experiences. The Bible also offers many opportunities for spiritual connection and self-expression.

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